Service : VM Manuals

Without a doubt having a well designed retail Visual Merchandising Manual paves the way for a successfully presented retail environment.

Over the years we have worked with a number of retailer design manuals, retailer VM manuals, guidelines and briefs. Both with local brand retailers as well as global brand retailers. We understand the content and the retail material that is necessary to put together an easy to use communication document that can be used as a guiding principle inside your retail environment. Visual Merchandising and Design principles are universal the same and can be applied in most retail environments. The only real challenge comes in with interpreting and combining the universal visual merchandising principles with your brands retail style.

We offer a full a full service including conceptual design and development, content development and right the way through to final print production and store distribution/training. As the content needs updating on a regular basis to keep up with changing Visual Merchandising trends we set up the manual so that future add-ons can be added to your manual. A new addition to our service is that we also offer a digital solution to the manual, which is great as a training tool as it has the added bonus of an interactive learning tool. This allows retailers to reach further into their store distribution as well as to guaranteeĀ that each new store staff goes through the manual in order to gain the insight into visual merchandising.

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