Cape Town is World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town is World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town is World Design Capital 2014

We did it, Cape Town you deserve to be adored. The beauty the magic and all the amazing creativity. I am proud, I am *crying* .. the joy in my happy cup is overflowing and I am walking around on bubbles of air. Table Mountain has spun her magic thread into the heart of the world and her rainbow children are smiling.

2014 World Design Capital. What does this mean for all of us, for you and for me …. think about it …. if you can imagine it you can achieve it … think the impossible … think about our basic needs …. think about what we all want … a better life for all, for each and every one of us, for our future, for our children. We all have a part to play in making our city a living giving breathing caring sharing sustainable city that benefits all of her people. I can feel it, it is here … we are all so beautiful … and I am so emotionally proud to call Cape Town my home. Let’s do the impossible … let’s all play a part in achieving a common goal. It is love that makes this world go round! So pass it on to everyone.

“Well done my beautiful beautiful city and thank you thank you thank you to all your amazing people that pulled together as a winning team and made this dream a reality” *wiping the tears from my eyes*


Photo’s from facebook page for Cape Town for World Design Capital  and Cape Town 2014 webpage.



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