Creative Coffee Morning – June

Creative Coffee Morning – June

Creative Coffee Morning – June


I am lucky to have been able to listen to Sharon Keith’s journey inside her strategic and creative world. Sharon agreed to share her lifetime of valuable knowledge gained in global brand experience. Currently Sharon Keith is a Non-Executive Director at Quirk eMarketing and the founder of Keith Strategy working across a range of industries and disciplines in her own personal capacity. In the past Sharon Keith has been a Global Brand Director for Baileys at Diageo, Marketing Director at Brandhouse SA, Marketing Director at the Coca-Cola Company, a consultant at Braxton Associates and  a Senior Brand Manager at Unilever. A very big hats off to this extremely amazing person with so much knowledge that I could sit with her for weeks on end and still only touch the tip of the iceberg.

Once again Thank You to SWISSMISS for the fabulous idea and a big thank you to the Book Lounge for your perfect venue that has delicious coffee it is always such a treat to be surrounded by amazing books and people.

PHOTO FEEDBACK from our tenth “PERCEPTIVE” Creative Coffee Morning. After A cup of coffee we all settle and fill in our tags which ask “what is your favourite local brand ?”

Here are some photo’s of the tags, a guest book signature and some of the creative guests. You can read what SHARON KEITH had to say on the @CreativeCoffeeM twitter feed.

ABOUT CREATIVE MORNINGS Creative Mornings is an idea started by Tina Roth Eisenberg, a Swiss designer living in New York, a.k.a. SwissMiss. Please  note that the Creative Coffee Morning events are not the official Creative Mornings we are only temporarily borrowing this fabulous idea until the official Creative Mornings start here in Cape Town which will only happen when we, or some other Cape Town creative, puts together and emails a video application to open up the Cape Town chapter. We also need to give credit to the interview-idea by the London chapter of Creative Mornings, Sense Worldwide, and we have now introduced the interview questions into Cape Town Creative Coffee Morning as well.

ABOUT CAPE TOWN CREATIVE COFFEE MORNING | Creative Coffee Morning happens on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month and it is a space for creative types to gather. Each event includes a ±30 minute creative story tale, told by a guest speaker/s, followed by Q&A. The gathering begins at 9:30am with the topic story tale starting at 10:00am and finishing up between 10:30am – 11:00am. Creative Coffee Morning is free of charge, you just pay for your coffee and treats!

Get in Touch … via email

  • If you’d like to come along
  • nominate a speaker
  • get involved as a helper (we are looking for a videographer) and a food and beverage sponsor
  • if you would like to offer your venue for creative minds to gather

Here is a link to read past Creative Coffee Mornings speakers on twitter, or you may view the photo feedback on our Fundamental Displays blog. To keep up to date with future events follow us on Twitter or on Facebook or send us an email and we will add you to our eventbrite mailing list.

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