Creative Coffee Morning – August

Creative Coffee Morning – August

Creative Coffee Morning – August

Friday, 5th August 2011, 9:30am – 10:30am

Our August GUEST SPEAKER | Jacqueline Nurse

After graduating from Rhodes University in 2007 with Art History and English Jacqueline spent a year at David Krut Projects before taking on the roll of curator at iArt Gallery. Today Jacqueline has started a unique project of her own, The French Seam Project that encourages a slowed-down approach to clothing. Behind every garment is a thought process and there is a reason for every detail – the choice of fabric, the use of a zip or a button. Here is an article, Treading finite boundaries: art as fashion and fashion as art,  posted by onesmallseed, an independent publishing platform for creative talent. Here’s a snippet from the article by Leanne Davis:

Perhaps the most provocative aspect of Jacqueline’s approach lies in the way she views fashion. To her, clothing is not merely something that subscribes to trends and the obvious utilitarian slant; it is something to be treasured- each piece is an objet d’art; she tellingly refers to one of her collaborator’s designs as ‘constructions’. Through The French Seam Project, Jacqueline is marrying the idea of using gallery space as a platform to exhibit accessible, lovingly crafted, high-quality street-wear.  Harbouring strong sentiments on the role of clothing in shaping one’s identity, and not much of a trend-follower herself, Jacqueline describes her own personal style as eclectic. Structure in a garment is of paramount importance as is her love of things that ‘…do not immediately make sense.’

Once again Thank You to SWISSMISS for the fabulous idea and Thank You to Escape Cafe for your perfect venue that has delicious coffee.

PHOTO FEEDBACK from our tenth “ELEGANT” Creative Coffee Morning. After A cup of coffee we all settle and fill in our tags which ask “what did your grandmother teach you?”

Here are some photo’s of the tags, a guest book signature and some of the creative guests. Read what Jacqueline Nurse had to say on the Twitter stream @CreativeCoffeeM and on her news page. Please note: The interview questions from the 20th July 2011 are at the end of this post.

Interview with Jacqueline Nurse | 20th July 2011

Where is your favourite place to think? I can be analytical to a fault – so it’s difficult to pinpoint a single place for thinking. However, I do really love my garden. There is a particular joy that comes from having space outside, however small, that is very helpful in encouraging the organisation of thought.

Is it about what you know or who you know? I don’t think the two can be separated – No man (or woman) is an island – at each point in a journey, connecting with the people around you will go a long way in developing the knowledge and skill you need to take the next step.

What is your best memory to date? This is a very tough question. I don’t think I can pinpoint one. I don’t think this counts as a memory – but discovering that a) I am not made of glass and b) there are many different paths to walk, and I am just walking on one was quite a crystalline realisation. The liberation that I felt at that point has stayed with me.

What is an idea? Ideas are often compared to seeds, and I quite like the analogy – a seed is a complex knot of potential, but relies on care and an appropriate context in order to germinate and, ultimately, flourish.

What risks are worth taking? Any risk that is going to up the levels of good stuff – love, productivity, constructive progress – is worth taking. In the end, if one thing doesn’t work out, another thing will.

Are there opportunities out there? Of course. But there’s an important different between humans and opportunities – humans have legs; opportunities don’t. In other words, it is not in the nature of an opportunity to stroll up and introduce itself; we have to do the legwork.

What is art? Art is expression. Art is form and content. Art is the application of imagination. Art is socio-political commentary. Art is the meaning of life. Art is propaganda. Art is love. Everyone will tell you something different in answer to this question – and I think that’s because context is key. Being sensitive to the nuances and subtleties of different contexts will reveal that there is very little that doesn’t qualify as art, in one way or another.

Discipline or Technique? Again, I don’t think the two can be separated – they are totally dependent on each other.

Can innovation be described? Innovation is putting imagination to work, I think. What I find quite interesting is the connection between innovation and progress – and how progress does not necessarily mean “faster” and “faster” doesn’t always mean “better”.

Favourite movie? There are a few that I can’t help returning to; here are three of them: The Ballad of Jack and RoseThe Secret Life of WordsStranger Than Paradise.

Last book read? Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom.

What did your grandmother teach? When I think of my grandmother, I can’t help but also think of her mother and my mother too. I was brought up in a culture of very strong and independent women. One of the most valuable things that I learned from them is that creativity is the harder path to take, but that makes it all the better. Also that subtlety is a woman’s most powerful skill.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are? It’s a strange question for me to answer, because I still have such a very long way to go, in comparison to the short distance I’ve come. What I do believe, however, is that integrity is crucial. Even if it’s the tiniest nugget of something that you know and believe in without a doubt, build on that.

ABOUT CREATIVE MORNINGS Creative Mornings is an idea started by Tina Roth Eisenberg, a Swiss designer living in New York, a.k.a. SwissMiss. Please  note that the Creative Coffee Morning events are not the official Creative Mornings we are only temporarily borrowing this fabulous idea until the official Creative Mornings start here in Cape Town which will only happen when we, or some other Cape Town creative, puts together and emails a video application to open up the Cape Town chapter. We also need to give credit to the interview-idea by the London chapter of Creative Mornings, Sense Worldwide, and we have now introduced the interview questions into Cape Town Creative Coffee Morning as well.

ABOUT CAPE TOWN CREATIVE COFFEE MORNING | Creative Coffee Morning happens on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month and it is a space for creative types to gather. Each event includes a ±30 minute creative story tale, told by a guest speaker/s, followed by Q&A. The gathering begins at 9:30am with the topic story tale starting at 10:00am and finishing up between 10:30am – 11:00am. Creative Coffee Morning is free of charge, you just pay for your coffee and treats!

Get in Touch … via email

  • If you’d like to come along
  • nominate a speaker
  • get involved as a helper (we are looking for a videographer) and a food and beverage sponsor
  • if you would like to offer your venue for creative minds to gather

Here is a link to read past Creative Coffee Mornings speakers on twitter, or you may view the photo feedback on our Fundamental Displays blog. To keep up to date with future events follow us on Twitter or on Facebook or send us an email and we will add you to our eventbrite mailing list.





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