Sculpt your windows … any way you like it

Sculpt your windows … any way you like it

Sculpt your windows … any way you like it

Big budgets, small budgets … it does not matter, today’s window displays are alive with possibilities. A sculpted window display is one of the trends that stands out as impressive. The beauty about sculpting a window is in the layering and the final creation of a 3D effect drawing your eye into, around and through. Here are some of my finds and my thoughts on the global and local displays:

Nature Sculpture

The Louis Vuitton window display with the honey-gold bees suspended sculpture. This has seen and loved by many passing shoppers and window display bloggers and will be remembered for it’s visual impact. I could stand staring at this display for hours and I have seen many other passer-by’s doing the same. What are we thinking about when we look at this display in awe …

I have seen street sculptures like this in other parts of the world and this is all taken from nature (seed pods) which is the real draw card for me or at least for the association inside my human mind. The images below are from Ryan Storm Photography, Paul Casey Photography and Roger May Photography of the Metal-seed-head-sculpture,-Nature-in-Art,-Twigworth

Kinetic Sculpture

I still recall the 1997 BMW advert with amazement, Theo Jansen is the Dutch creator of what he calls “Kinetic Sculptures,” where nature and technology meet. Go to his site Strandbeest for more. This is a creation that is evolving .. the little beesties are alive.

Then there is the Hermes store window display in Ginza by Tokujin Yoshioka that you can watch on You Tube. This window display has been viewed by many online and filmed and taken through into other forms of media. It is the simplicity that provokes finesse and graceful beauty. A remarkable display.

Another earlier Hermes window display of rolling waves, they have had shoes walking through moving grass and so many amazing displays using movement. It is like a theatre set.

Paper Sculpture

Paper in window displays will not get taken over by digital displays. Paper is taking on a new treatments and methods and through using different material on the paper a new design feature is seen. One of my favorite methods is paper folding. Here are a few images of The showPods exhibition in Chicago   seen on Cubeme.

Then bravo! to this simple crumpled paper ball method seen at Club Monaco via I love Shoplifting blog

Mixed-Media Sculpture

Here are some other types of material that I have gathered online at various sites.

Fishing for compliments. This airy display-alive with undulating aquatic shapes in neutral colours enhancing the entrance to the shop, invites shoppers to view the new spring summer collection.
photo and installations by Ion Ander Beloki on Yatzer (you have a look at all, you will be blown away)

Like the embroidered secrets of Maurizio Anzeri which I am very drawn too as it reminds me of the art that my father did when I was growing up. Another of Mauirizio’s image is on the thumbnail as well. How clever is this … embroidering onto a printed sheet / canvas … or material of your choice. All it takes is a pattern and patience … and then WOW something amazing to look at. Imagine this to enhance a simple poster in a window.

Wooden clothes pegs at Willow via Confashions from Kuwait simple, inexpensive object that has an effect. I have seen creations out of wooden clothes hangers as well. The possibilities are endless and if you use recycled objects that are easily found at recycling depots then even better.

Marshmallows at Anthropologie via Shelter Interior Design and lollipops via a mess of beauty blogspot. How clever is this … using non-perishable food and stringing it up. I have seen a gummy-jelly-bear chandelier and I can think of so many more amazing creations that can be made out of non-perishable food and strung or stuck together to create a prop or backdrop.

… and finally, here are some of our local talent, Cape Town, sculptures and a few sculpted window displays.

Green Point promenade the swimmer and dragon fly story that runs all the way down the promenade is pure genius.

I love the wooden fish that either float by them self of swim in a school of fish by a Hermanus artist, Leon Muller  

Here is the angel seen in Stellenbosch, how amazing is this

Birds strung up in a store window in Long Street, love the shadows they cast on the ceiling (clever lighting)

Cut-Out birds strung up in Spitz, a shoe store, across the country … beautifully made

Leon Muller, a Hermanus artist sticks a whole lot of ‘plastic toys’ onto a board … patience of a saint, visual impression … priceless


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