Poetry … artistic window display

Poetry … artistic window display

Poetry … artistic window display

I am an avid supporter of artists in all forms, sizes and tool-usage and it is wonderful to see artists promoting retail and retail promoting artist. It is like a little bit of magic captured through the look-in glass. Commissioning a talented local artist allows me, the passing shopper, to be exposed to creative images that take me into a wonderland of exploration. This is the experience that continues to draw me close and into a store.

The above thumbnail image is from a lovely blogspot Diamonds & Dust and the images and video below are from Traffic Marketing.


Poetry Window Display from catherine Henderson on Vimeo.

Thank you Poetry for bringing Megan Hart into your window displays, she is a very talented young South African. SPECIAL NOTE: If you are in South Africa you may watch Megan Hart paint at Poetry Lifestyle stores nationwide from the 19 – 23 August 2011.

Here is a media report that I got from Poetry’s PR agent Chanel Ponto, Traffic Marketing.

Artistic window displays: Poetry heralds new retail movement

Clever window displays are becoming a key part of the retail marketing mix. Internationally, visual merchandising and innovative displays have become commonplace with retailers. Brands have recognised the importance of window displays as the first point of contact between the store and the customer and believe that the first impression of the store is often integral to the customer’s purchasing decision.

Countries such as the USA and the UK see window displays as a key marketing tool. However, in South Africa, this is still an emerging concept. Leading lifestyle brand, Poetry, is heralding the movement towards innovative storefront displays in South Africa.

Drawing inspiration from international retail trends, Poetry – famed for its unique and sophisticated approach to fashion and lifestyle products – celebrate Mother’s Day 2011 with an eye-catching hand-painted window display. Poetry has appointed talented local artist, Megan Hart to create a beautiful enchanted garden in each of the Poetry store windows nationwide.

Hart’s floral monochromatic themed garden, requiring up to five hours of intricate hand painting per store and has been commissioned to celebrate the launch of Poetry’s winter collection. The enchanted garden theme was inspired by Poetry’s love of the arts. Known for their support of artistic initiatives, the retailer was keen to showcase local talent and dress up their window space with fanciful hand-painted characters depicting the bond between mother and child in nature.

“Our window displays have always been more than just a display of our products. The space offers a unique way for us to engage with brand fans and potential new Poetry customers,” said Amanda Herson, Poetry and Old Khaki Team Leader. She adds, “This is only the beginning, we look forward to revealing further exciting visual displays.”

Herson’s suggestions to achieve clever window displays:

  1. Make mannequins come alive: This elegant display from Lanvin is eye-catching: http://jakandjil.blogspot.com/2008/03/lanvin-window-display.html

  2. Create a window installation: Matthew Plummer Fernandez creates window installation for Selfridges:http://plummerfernandez.tumblr.com/

  3. Get seasonal: Use local and international holidays as themes for displays: In 2007, Barney’s New York featured window displays under their “green” holiday campaign: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/2083959864/

  4. Encourage customers and blogger participation: Bloggers pen their names Poetry shop window:http://blog.diamondsanddust.co.za/2011/04/28/p-o-e-t-r-y/

  5. Commission an artist: Zoe Bradley uses paper to create window art for Tiffany’s: http://www.zoebradley.com/home.html

For more information on Poetry visit www.poetrystores.co.za or call the Cape Union Mart head office on 021 464 5800.

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