Design Indaba, a better world through creativity

Design Indaba, a better world through creativity

Design Indaba, a better world through creativity

My favourite time of the year is February because it is our annual Design Indaba that inspires and motivates me to keep dreaming. Everything about this event sends waves of tingling happiness throughout my creative soul. The expo showcases amazing South African talent and I tip toe through the event with “i want that” eyes hungrily taking all the beauty on display. It is the best food for a creative soul.

Here are only a few designs that made a big impact in my mind. All the images are from the Design Indaba Expo page.

The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa awarded to

Dreams for Africa Chair by Woza Moya

In 2009, 160 women from the Valley of 1 000 Hills in KwaZulu-Natal came together to create a legacy of hope. Eight weeks later the women of the Woza Moya income-generation project finished their creation. Supported by the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust, the chair is travelling around South Africa and abroad (recently to New York City), inviting people from all walks of life to sit in the chair and sharetheir dreams.


The designs are highly sculptural in form and become artworks or “illuminated sculptural forms” in their own right, a perfect synthesis of art and design.


Whatever we make is made with such love. It is inspired by what is around us, especially nature and pattern, and joyfully reinterpreted as a piece of furniture that is unique, functional and beautiful.


Is a through-the-line, independent media powerhouse that actively promotes an ever-growing culture of creative visionaries, no matter how big or small their seed.


Recreate uses single, discarded junk items, blends it with South African craftsmanship, high -end finishes and out-the-box thinking to create gorgeous and original end products

O.LIVE STUDIO is a creative design studio specialising concept designs for retail windows and manufacture of fixtures and props.


A jewellery design business based in Cape Town, established to produce and market accessories which are quirky and fun


Design, prototyping, testing and production of an in-house range of products and corporate solutions in sustainably sourced, engineered materials

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