Social Shopping

Social Shopping

Social Shopping

Shopping time = browsing through stores until I find a good bargain or that must-have-can’t-live-without piece of treasure. In the shopping arena I am overloaded with trends, lifestyle selections, competitor prices, a stream of options and endless possibilities. I am influenced by bloggers, by friends, by other children’s mother’s, the internet, through being eco/environmentally friendly, a local community supporter ….. twitter, facebook … oh my . . . information overload and here I am born again into a new breed of socially aware shoppers. Locally you can see an explosion of styles through bloggers like Skattie, what are you wearing? and Cinder and Skylark.

What makes me want to buy? Do I really buy into a lifestyle, a brand, the difference or am I just trying to keep up with the latest fashion styles so that I too can fit in with my 30-something year old peers desperate to be noticed like I did in my 20-somethings?

Magazines, both digital and paper, are filled with editors choices, fashion shoots, advertorials, editorials and adverts reaching out to me and a vast number of readers that showcase lifestyle brands that spark desire and “must-have” triggers inside our brains. I buy into this and there I supposedly remain loyal going back again and again falling deeper and deeper into a endless pit of desire.

Today technology is influencing and introducing me to a new way of shopping and better ways of buying. I came across a very interesting online site and I am overblown by this phenomenal concept. It seems to tap into just how I shop and it makes it easier, and more competitive for me at the same time. It is like a magazine with who is wearing what, celebrities, bloggers, the different styles, the different trends of the season and then it goes so much further than a magazine does. It allows me to click onto the item and see how much it costs and where I can buy it from and then … it gives me options of similar styles at competitive retailers offering different prices. Ok, so it is in America … but it will be developed in South Africa soon enough. This concept is fantastic. Now I can shop without having to go to the malls and sift through endless made-in-china junk and I can pick out the good styles with the good quality items and I can compare prices. Unlike a magazine that simply lists the store that the fashion shoot outfits come from. On your product selection this online site now takes you to the retailers websitse where you can purchase from. The best part about …. is doing the stylyzer test and creating your own boutique with your own preferred designers and styles. According to my style quiz I am Casual Chic.

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