Creative Coffee Morning – December

Creative Coffee Morning – December

Creative Coffee Morning – December

Friday, 3rd December 2010 9:30am – 10:30am

GUEST SPEAKERS | for the December month’s Creative Coffee Morning CHANTAL LOUW and THESSA BOS

This dynamic duo own and run The Fringe Arts

The Fringe Arts sells art through versatile concepts in which Chantal and Thessa collaborate with artists and clients in a way that makes business sense.

Chantal is an art historian who, until recently, was the Gallery Director of a top contemporary gallery in Cape Town, and successfully launched artists such as Spier Contemporary 2010 winner Araminta de Claremont. Apart from co-directing The Fringe Arts, she runs the Spin Space and other emerging arts projects for the Visual Arts Network SA.

Previously the commercial and cultural officer of the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town, Thessa is a journalist by training and has a master in international politics. Her extensive experience in the synergy between arts, not-for-profit and business reflects her strong collector eye and commercial skills. She co-directs The Fringe Arts and is the Western Cape representative for Business and Arts South Africa.

Their dream started in 2007 and blossomed in November 2009. In 2010 the magic happened and The Fringe Art has started to pop up all over the place. The secret to their success is passion, energy and determination. Both Thessa and Chantal have wonderful friendly personalities with can-do attitudes. They are #thinkdoers and everything they touch is done with taste and integrity. They have a wonderful recipe for success and I can see The Fringe Arts popping up all over South Africa and the World. Best of luck with future success Thessa and Chantal. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey  and we will be with you, following you all the way!

Once again Thank You to SWISSMISS for the fabulous idea and Thank You to Field Office for your perfect venue that has delicious coffee and is surrounded by amazing people and glorious design – PSSSSsssssstttttt ….. do yourself a favour and go and have a look, this is a must see: Interactive Design by Michelle Son

PHOTO FEEDBACK from our seventh “DYNAMIC” Creative Coffee Morning. After A cup of coffee we all settle and fill in our tags which ask “name your favourite artist?”

Here are some photo’s of the tags, a guest book signature and some of the creative guests. You can read what CHANTAL LOUW and THESSA BOS spoke about on Twitter @creativecoffem

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