5 simple ways to increase holiday sales

5 simple ways to increase holiday sales

5 simple ways to increase holiday sales

I would like to introduce Miss Cornelia Ortega as a guest writer on Fundamental Displays. Cornelia is a young student from Youngsville, PA and her insight into how retailers can increase sales makes perfect sense and it would be great to see local retailers put these simple steps into practice. It would be great if the holiday shopping experience could be made simpler during this bustling budget-string decision-making time.

About the Author: Cornelia C. Ortega is writing for the blog, Retail Sales Training, her personal hobby blog aimed at recommendations to assist retailers to coach sales employees and keep our economy healthy.

How will you increase add-on sales in the Holidays?

Below are a few methods to boost the units per transaction, and increase the average transaction as a result.

If you like this, you should purchase that : Creating feature areas inside your store who have several major stuff you desire to push for holiday surrounded by complimentary products helps sell not only that particular item. Use signage and have employees communicate with customers to help them know the way the products work together.

Stuff the Stockings : I still push stocking stuffer for holiday as customers will almost always be trying to find those unique, fun little items which round out their holiday gift giving without having to break the bank. Create an entire stocking stuffer display and make it interactive, like a stocking stuffer smorgasbord to get customers to purchase one or more additional items.

Sample products : Whenever they check it out, they’ll buy it. Make sure you have products intended for testing everywhere and use signage, or have the employees interact to get customers to try different products. The opportunity for a sale rises significantly if you’re able to put the product within the customer’s hand.

A drink could be the way to make them stay : offering a beverage gets customers to linger longer. It adds time and energy to scope out much more of your store as they walk around enjoying their beverage. And meaning they will often find more gifts than they had planned on, resulting in increased sales.

Wrap the Cash Wrap : You’ve created a few different ways in your store to acquire your clients to acquire more, and the cash wrap is the final opportunity. Make sure you have impulse items at the cash wrap that customers can grab and go. Products with low value usually work most effectively. Bonus points for products that could be sampled in addition to 8-10 ones available for purchase.

So you? Exactly what are your favourite sales techniques to increase Holiday sales?

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