The Christmas 2010 South African Display Awards

The Caviar Award goes to YDE

Judges comments:


1. YDE with their tinseltastic clever witty funny Xmas tinsel robin window, I loved thisErin Thompson

2. The tinsel bird – eye catching and amusing – just the merchandise display brought it down. -Wayne Durno

3. The big fat googlie-eyed tinsel birdie made me smile *and think of twitter*. I love the clever use of tinsel as the material to make the bird. – Cat Henderson


1. Vibrant colour, departing from the regular green/red/gold is refreshing and the continuation into the store, colour, stock placement and range keeps it relevant and easily shoppable. – Chris Moon

2. Great creative concept, loved the copy line…great follow through from window to in store, great colour scheme…love it :-)) - Ingrid Elizabeth Summers

Some other Caviar mentions:


The Fish Finger Award goes to Edgars

Judges comments:


1. Tempted though I am to nominate Truworths, even just for those blasted speed-bumps – again, I’ll nominate Edgars – shoddy, dull, thrown in look, yes and the decorations on that tree are dismal.
Was a time Edgars was a leader in retail display (internationally, even) and merchandising, not any more. – Chris Moon

2. Edgars Xmas, Canal walk for poor creative, lack of focus, lack of anything good, especially such a badly dressed Xmas tree, which is unforgivable – Erin Thompson

3. An extremely poor delivery for what is supposed to be one of South Africa’s leading retail chains….and in a top shopping centre too! Your creatives need a serious holiday and your display staff need some basic training. – Ingrid Elizabeth Summers


1. Truworths – I am not sure what is going on in any of the windows … it looks confusing and completely unattractive with nothing enticing me or pulling me into the store. It looks like they forgot to do a creative concept because there is no scheme, message or display merchandise co-ordination? – Cat Henderson

2. The Truworths windows – all of them – confusing, no clear message about holidays or festive season – nothing new. - Wayne Durno

Some other Fish Finger mentions:



The Summer 2010 South African Display Awards

The Caviar Award most clearly goes to:


Judges comments:
“It’s clever, the concept is brilliant, the props are relevant, the artwork fascinating and I loved the idea that although it is a large international brand, the ‘Run your city’ concept made it personal to wherever you were. Well done” – Ingrid Elizabeth Summers

“It is fun, joined up with instore and has a nice logical sense of wit, I really like its linear graphic layout.” – Erin Thompson

“It is innovative, young and informative at the same time.” – Wayne Durno

“I love the concept, props and the use of illustration in the display, great impact, BRAVO!” – Cat Henderson

Some other Caviar mentions:
Woolworths mens
Sports Scene

The Fish Finger Award goes to:

Judges comments:

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” A sad year for Truworths in general. Tired, done and unimaginative. Connect with your product first and then get some spark back into that display department.” – Ingrid Elizabeth Summers

“Where do I start on this one? It is so poorly dressed and badly grouped, really uninspired and very unimaginative. It could have been so much better with a little imagination and creativity.” – Erin Thompson

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“Truworths really, I could mention a few of the smaller chains, but really, Truworths needs a kick up the posterior quite honestly!” – Chris Moon

“It is confusing (those suspended letters) and it is not telling me anything new about the product or the feeling.” – Wayne Durno

In your wildest jeans….”Yawn! I have absolutely no idea what is going on here? Billabong is such a dynamic brand and I am not sure why the display is so poor, perhaps they just need a little direction.” – Cat Henderson


It is splendid to be part of a panel of judges for the latest initiative started and fueled by Ingrid Elizabeth Summers : The South African Display Awards, The Caviar and Fish Finger Awards. This is the beginning of a great journey into viewing and judging a number of South African retail window and display areas.

Ingrid Elizabeth Summers states that the objectives of this award is to “raise both the profile and the standards of this profession in our country as well as encourage and motivate the next generation of young creatives to take on this widely complex, yet satisfying career. In order to make the judging as fair and credible as possible, we have put together a top notch judging panel with roughly 100 years visual display experience between us.”

The Judging Panel

Ingrid Elizabeth Summers[ Ingrid Elizabeth Summers blogspot ]:A Cape Town girl…born and raised.  I have a love for all things beautiful…from clothes and shoes…photographs and books to food and interiors. Started training in display at Stuttafords back in the days when the glamorous old department store was common place.  Twenty years in the display industry having recently left The Foschini group as visual display and trends manager of the jewellery division….with a few years of food and fashion styling dotted in between. Currently freelancing conceptual visual ideas and blogging between the cities of Pretoria and Cape Town…..a desperate housewife wannabe :-)

Chris Moon [ Window Punk]: Started in retail display in 1977 as trainee at CNA, moved to John Orr’s as apprentice window dresser. Since spent 13 years in the Edcon group in both Edgars and Jet operations,  6 years as Display manager for the OK Bazaars, Eloff Street flagship store and 10 years in tourist retail, interspersed with various freelance projects. Currently juggling buying and display for a tourist retail group.


Erin Thompson [ My stuff & no sense]: I’ve never eaten Caviar but I am very fond of fish fingers. I am Head of Visual at Selfridges and have been, for just over 5 years. Before that I was Head of Creative at Mulberry Company for quite a long time. Overall I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and as a career choice it has far exceeded my expectations. And although I’m originally from Northern Ireland, I have lived in London so long that I now call it home. Other important key Erin facts that you should know, are that I’m a work-aholic, a shoe-aholic and a choc-aholic, which means that I work all the time, spend all my money on shoes and eat way way too much chocolate. All in all this makes me a very nice person.

Wayne Durno [ facebook ]: I have done work in visual merchandising for 20 years (Truworths, Edgars and Milady’s) where I ended up creating a merchandising magazine for the stores. I was also part of Red Eye @rt, (Durban Art Gallery – 1998 – 2001)an arts event including fashion, art, live music, DJ’s and a cash bar and we would average about 3000 people an event. Since coming to CapeTown I have owned (Home affairs Furniture)a store where we made furniture from recycled timber. And now I am working towards my first exhibition of drawing and hand coloured drawings called OCEAN DRIVE, which will be exhibited at the Wessel Snyman Creative at the end of November.

Cat Henderson [ fundamental-displays ]:  After returning from my travels to ancient civilisations I entered the advertising world in Cape Town in the late 90’s. I jumped over into retail in 2003 and into the wonderful world of visual merchandising. In 2007 I started a family and am a very proud mother of two absolutely beautiful girls. That same year I started my own business, Fundamental Displays, a visual studio that has seen me work with some amazing clients and on some challenging projects. In 2010 I started a blog on visually appealing design and displays as well as a monthly Creative Coffee Morning. Tomorrow is a mystery.

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