evly, power the crowd

evly, power the crowd

evly, power the crowd

Yesterday I was targeted by a smart social/blog space media campaign and evly got a bullseye. Bravo to their marketing strategy of targeting bloggers and social networkers. I love the idea of bartering and exchanging marketing/exposure, SO much smarter than throwing marketing money at old media. This form of viral exposure is a powerful medium and can reach great distances and key players. What really excites me about evly is that this is a Proudly South African team and I will support them in building up a really fascinating network.

crowd sourcing … *what is that* I ask myself, I know social networking …. social media …. social everything … I have joined about.me in their early release, am on twitter, facebook, linkedin … but crowd sourcing?

So I googled it, as one does … and found this:

Crowdsourcing on twitter
Jeff Howe is a writer at Wired Magazine and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. He coined the term crowdsourcing, and wrote a book on the subject last year

Crowdsourcing on Wikepedia is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.

What intrigues me is the name EVLY and what is the meaning behind that name???? and this is the reply I got from Eran Eyal at evly:

The greatest thing is that evly is a new word. Much in the manner that evly provides crowdsourcing to anyone in minutes, we will let the interaction that occurs at evly define the associations and meaning of the name. Afterall – what you considered the word Facebook meant 8 years ago, is not what it means today – our interaction with the platform has literally reinvented the word and it’s tacit associations.

This, to me, is fascinating because I believe we are moving extremely quickly into an area where independent professionals will collaborate with each other in order to achieve magnificently explosive results. This is nothing new and has been practiced by our ancestors and is part of our collective conscience. Sometimes we just forget about it and we struggle to achieve great things on our own even though we all know that we can get so much further if we simply ask for help from each other.

What I have found is that there is no true platform to seek like minded professionals who share a common idea and are prepared to drive and actualize that idea. Kickstarter goes a little way in this direction, but is focused on funding. You can join groups and chat or discuss issues as one does on email, linked in and facebook but these fall short of being a place to build on an idea and turn it into a project and then into a reality. I am all for chatting and connecting but talk is cheap, what we need is proactive individuals #THINKDOERS to stop talking about collaborating and JUST DO IT. What I know about evly is limited to a press release and a few short emails, but I do know that I am very interested and excited to watch the development of this network and I hope that it will meet and exceed all my expectations.

To find out more read the press release, follow them on twitter or fan them on facebook and enjoy the discovery. To join the waiting list register on evly.

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