Creative Coffee Morning – November

Creative Coffee Morning – November

Creative Coffee Morning – November

6th November 2010 9:30 am – 10:30 am

MARTIN NEETHLING, our November month’s Creative Coffee Morning guest speaker.

It is great to have heard Martin’s fascinating journey from a social and political awakening during his army national service, university path through corporate marketing then into heading up a successful advertising agency, BBDO, to where he is today lecturing our future generation of marketing leaders. He left me reviewing my personal authenticity with the message that we should not “edit-out” our lives to fit our jobs and our roles of responsibility. Martin offered a wonderfully honest glimpse of his thoughts and motivations during each phase of his journey as well as some very funny anecdotes that made it clear that life really is what you make of it.

Once again Thank You to SWISSMISS for the fabulous idea and Thank You to THE BOOK LOUNGE for your perfect venue that has a sitting-room area with comfortable chairs surrounded by beautiful books.

PHOTO FEEDBACK from our sixth “INSIGHTFUL” Creative Coffee Morning. After A cup of coffee we all settle and fill in our tags which ask “what is your favourite brand?”

Here are some photo’s of the tags, a guest book signature and some of the creative guests. You can read what MARTIN NEETHLING spoke about on Twitter @creativecoffem

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