Ana Sousa, fashion from Portugal

Ana Sousa, fashion from Portugal

Ana Sousa, fashion from Portugal

This is a simple and stylish window display by Ana Sousa, a Portuguese fashion design store outlet at the V&A Waterfront. It is not complicated or cluttered and the merchandise is well-selected as a two-colour theme for both formal and day wear. It would be nice if the dressing of the mannequins could be completed by fitting shoes as this would complete the style of the outfit. Fashion mannequins look undressed if they are not wearing shoes.

What really works is the wire props with green foliage hanging behind the mannequins. I am not blown away by the mannequin positioning though, they’re too evenly spaced and there is no interaction between them. Perhaps this could have been done a bit better. Overall this display has a clear message (new summer collection), not much fuss and easy on the eye. The thumbnail image is from The Style Outlets.

6 thoughts on “Ana Sousa, fashion from Portugal

  1. Errol Knowles

    Dear Erin,

    Thanks for your constructive criticism. My partner Clara and I hold the ANA SOUSA franchise for South Africa. We have learned a lot but have a lot still to learn. Personally I agree with your views. More subtle and interesting positioning and a completeness in the dressing would improve. The size and depth of the window is a limiting factor. We would be interested to get your views on our windows in Melrose Arch, Eastgate and Village View, Bedfordview.

  2. Cathy Pires

    I had never heard of Ana Sousa until I came to live in the Algarve. Her windows in the Algarve aren´t that great either but the quality of her clothing and the style is fanstastic. I lived in South Africa for over 30 years and only wish she had come to SA sooner. Wouldn´t worry too much about your window display as everything is less these days. Think your window design is much better than in Portugal.

  3. Carol Bottari

    I have discovered your fashion store at Eastgate, Bedfordview lately. I love your fashion pieces. The colors, designs, fabrics and accesories are great together. Your fit is perfect for my body. The pieces in your collection is fantastic and easy to mix and match!! I blown my entire budget in your store, and not just once!!! Great collection Ana!!!!

  4. Dulce Cerqueira (Toronto)

    I had nver heard of Ana Sousa up until this February when I visited one of my supliers in Portugal, she was wearing a pair of Ana Sousa ‘s jeans,they looked great, I asked her about it, and to my surprise a month after I arrived home I got a package with a pair of Jeans “Perfect fit” the first time. and the compliments are amazing! I’m just surprised that Ana Sousa hasn’t opened a store here in Toronto, Canada.

  5. Lourraine (South Africa)

    I love Ana Sousa clothing. I visiting the store in Melrose Arch and fell in love with the sexy tight pants and beautiful materials. I bought a suit that made me feel like a million dollars.
    Its my birthday today, so Ana is on my celebration list!

  6. Dorothy

    I have shoped at the Ana Sousa in Melrose Arch. I love the clothing but i absolutely love love loved the service i recieved. The girls are efficient, friendly polite and very helpful. I will make sure i will always make an effot to pop past the store, even if it i to just say hi and have a cup of coffee

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