Col’Cacchio Pizzeria – Italian Restaurant

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria – Italian Restaurant

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria – Italian Restaurant

This is a sentimental post for me and in true Italian style here is a post filled with passion and romance. Col’cacchio, on the foreshore in Cape Town, is where I met my gorgeous husband and business partner 9 years ago on the 21st September 2001, the┬ánight of the summer solstice. WOW! Back at the turn of the century, when we were young and free, dancing wildly on the tables at Vakka Matta and having late night dinners at Col’Cacchio. We considered Col’Cacchio our dining room and Vakka Matta our lounge as we lived in a loft just up the road. We ate at Col’Cacchio every week, creating our own Pizzas topped with sesame seeds and oober delicious big fat juicy chili prawns or the melt in your mouth gnocchi with our favourite starter, every time, the capreses salad washed down with bottles of delicious wine. At the end of every evening we shared the famous Italian Kisses. I am happy to declare that my favourites are all still on the menu.

A few weeks ago I went back to the place my romance began. I remember sitting at that table on our first date. Nervous. Excited. The future ahead of me. Looking up at the stunning Strega painting on the wall. The eyes of the fat ceramic ladies that are stuck on the walls smiling down at me. A carnival of adventure behind me. This venue is packed full of history, a real Cape Town heritage. It has a fond memory for everyone. This restaurant has hosted and looked after and loved and cherished all of her patrons. A true Italian restaurant filled with history. Walking around this restaurant looking at the art on the walls tells a story. The chalk-paint menu up on the top – it is all still there. The identity of Col’Cacchio started here. This is her truth and this is her foundation. The next Col’Cacchio I ate at is in Stellenbosch on one bright sunny day visiting friends. Col’Cacchio guaranteed me the same excellent menu with a beautiful courtyard seating. Next I ate at Willowbridge with family and once again a stunning stylishly relaxed setting with the same guaranteed excellent menu. Next time we met a friend at Cavendish with children and babies. Sitting in the middle of a busy mall is challenging with little ones, however, we felt comfortable and well looked after and once again we were met with the same guaranteed excellent menu.

What caught my eye at this visit, amongst other things, is the launch of spring at Col’Cacchio. I think it is fantastic that a restaurant has taken the initiative to celebrate spring. This is a progressive restaurant that is leading the way with an innovative introduction of themes, competitions and promotions. It is a known fact that visual aids help to uplift an environment and to show the public that they (the force behind Col’Cacchio) are there and that they are aware of you. That, in my opinion, is welcoming. Knowing that somebody is looking after an already beautiful environment shows me that they care. The hours that it takes to fold a paper flower are long. Trust me, I know. It is clear that each one of the 18 restaurants receives personal attention. When you add in love and care you can taste this in your food. You can feel it in your body and soul. This is a restaurant that cares. Look at their attention to the details.

Here is a visual feast for your eyes. The above thumbnail pic is from the Col’Cacchio website.

Welcome to Col’cacchio Cape Town

The visual identity inside the restaurant

The visual aids celebrating and promoting a spring menu

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