Canterbury summer, behind the scenes

Canterbury summer, behind the scenes

Canterbury summer, behind the scenes

I was lucky to get a peek into the Canterbury summer 2010 range at their “lookbook” photo shoot this week.  I had no idea what to expect when I stepped into Blonde restaurant in Cape Town. What a found is a sexy-cute behind the scenes story worthy of a visual tale.

I must admit that I felt like a schoolgirl daring to enter the boys locker room. This is Canterbury after all, the famous and well-loved rugby brand.

The Canterbury summer 2010 range is a style I can’t seem to get enough of. I find myself really getting into the preppy collegiate look with the warm summer beach-rugby feel. The cuts are good, the fabric is soft, the colours and prints are to trend and there are exquisite details in the finishing. The outfits are completed with a turn of the collar, a roll of the trouser legs and by adding in classical accessories like a bow-tie, a scarf and the ever essential simplicity of a gorgeous bag. The result is a stylish relaxed look.

I managed to catch up with the extraordinary talented Mr Dylan Thomaz, from Canterbury, after his busy day of styling and photographing the summer 2010 range to get some insight into just what to expect in the coming months at Canterbury.

1.     What is your interpretation of the Summer 2010 look?

“classic living”

2.     What influences your styling and theme for the Summer 2010 look?

Everyone is so caught up in their hectic daily schedules that they forget their roots of where it all began. So Canterbury is off to the Hampton’s to take a much needed break with a clean fresh look that is playful yet sophisticated.

3.     What is your absolute favourite gotta-have item this season?

Hmmm, ok, two things… classic aviators and a killer scarf.

4.     What are you doing different this summer?

Different? Nope, sun, sea and great friends wrapped in beautiful sunsets…

5.     Where and when can I expect to see the summer 2010 range?

Our long awaited summer range hits our concept stores nationwide in October. Our collection will also be seen at the Menshealth Menswear Collection fashion show, as well showcases within well known South African Magazines. . .

Here are some visuals from the absolutely fabulous morning. Thanks guys, it was a lovely experience. I can’t wait to see this in store. Happy Summer Holidays!

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