Creative Coffee Morning – August 2010

Creative Coffee Morning – August 2010

Creative Coffee Morning – August 2010

6th August 2010 9:30 am – 10:30 am

PATRICK SCHOFIELD, the guest speaker at this month’s Creative Coffee Morning is the founder and owner of Streetwires, the very best contemporary African wire and bead craft. Indalo Project, which is an intervention that enable renowned designers to collaborate with crafters thereby brokering skill transfer as well as with Kwalapa, which is telling the story of food. What an amazing man with so much talent and so much to give this world. Thank you so much for sharing your creative adventure with us, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your story.

Once again Thank You to THE BOOK LOUNGE for your perfect venue. The staff are fabulously friendly, the coffee is delicious, the cakes are so pretty and they taste good, a lovely sitting-room area with comfortable chairs surrounded by beautiful books.

PHOTO FEEDBACK from our third “ENLIGHTENING!” Creative Coffee Morning. After A cup of coffee we all settle and fill in our tags which ask “which kitchen utensil are you?”

Here are some photo’s of the tags, illustrations in the guest book and creative guests.


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