World Cup 2010 – Long Street

World Cup 2010 – Long Street

World Cup 2010 – Long Street

The long street walk is still my favourite in Cape Town. It is always alive and full of high voltage street cred that knocks the “fuddy duddy” right out of you. It has such a variety on offer from old to new from trendy to way back when. The Africaness is there and the Cape-Towness is there and the global envelope is there. Here are some of my favourite scenes from Long Street …

The most eye-catching window display in Long Street is Bonafide and the poster banners of  Taxi Violence who are definitely the best retro/hard rock band to come out of Cape Town, South Africa! This store has the real “long street style” to it, the people in the store, the visuals, the clothing and the atmosphere.

This is a typical small shop inside a beautiful old Cape Town building Milk and Misfit at the top of Long Street. The architectural structure remains unchanged while the interior is done up with individual taste and style.

There a a large variety of restaurants and bars down the street with adds to the flavour of the street culture.

Royale Eatery

Mama Africa Restaurant and Bar

At the other end of long street these two stores caught my eye. Ice has a fantastic window decal which made me stop and take a look at the interesting merchandise on offer inside.

This is a typical “hippy” transcendental dance type store that you find scattered around Cape Town. If you are ever in Long Street you have to go inside and chat to the owners. It is like stepping inside Aladdin’s colourful Cape Town Cave.

Please note: The thumbnail photo is by Warren Rohner

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