Poetry in Motion: Cape Town City Ballet

Poetry in Motion: Cape Town City Ballet

Poetry in Motion: Cape Town City Ballet

The Cape Town City ballet started in 1934 and the company benefited from Government spending. Today things are different and the Cape Town City Ballet depends of sponsorship and private funding. There is a cry for your help to Save Cape Town City Ballet let us all join hands and show our support to make it better and then stronger than ever before.

A Cape Town based retailer, Poetry Lifestyle Stores, has generously sponsored the Cape Town City Ballet production Poetry in Motion directed by Veronica Paeper at the Artscape Opera House from Thursday, 6 – 15 May 2010.

I find the current ballet inspired display windows at Poetry powerfully visceral and moving. The window scene is so lifelike and I feel like a voyeur gazing in at a dancer seated in front of her future. I can almost see the movement of dancing inside the mannequins eyes as she dreamily sits in anticipation in front of her theatrical mirror. I can sense her passionate dedication to the demands of preparing for a theatrical production. I can feel the excitement of an audience applauding so appreciatively for beauty in motion.

It delights me that a window display can be such a powerful stage for doing good, that a store window has the potential to do so much more than just stopping and enticing shoppers.

On Thursday, 6th May at 8pm I sat with a friend in front of the stage and I enjoyed every minute of Poetry in Motion. On Saturday, 8th May at 2pm I went back taking my mother, niece, daughter to go and watch this fabulous production.

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