It is OFFICIAL, we have joined the Creative Mornings network and launched our first Cape Town chapter on February 2012.

Follow us on Twitter @CapeTown_CM for announcements and on the Creative Mornings website.


CreativeMornings is powered by a troupe of über talented folks. Each and every month, hosts, videographers, photographers, and helpers come together, in Cape Town, to make our events happen. Meet the driving forces behind Cape Town CreativeMornings.



Most of the day Cat spends working on various #thinkdo design and display projects. She keeps a blog, she walks her dogs … and the magical part of the day is spent with her two little girls and her fairytale husband.

Desmond Louw is a Cape Town based photographer, specializing in location, car and wedding photography. His wife, dog, camera and skateboard makes him happy. He loves good design and the weather.

Bronwyn Morris is a film student at SAE Institute Cape Town. Make her laugh, and she’ll be your friend forever.

Kerryn Longueira is a solo designer /slash coder and cheerleader. She would love to change the world.. if only she could find the right source code.

Antonia is a journalist and photographer, a thinker and networker, passionate about sharing inspiration. “Don’t keep it to yourself”, she says.

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  1. Cal Volks says:

    Hi. I work for an HIV/AIDS organization and we organize events which make use of installations for awareness. I would love to know about your next coffee morning.

  2. Is there a mailing list that I could join for the Creative Coffee mornings? Sounds fantastic!

  3. Kerryn says:

    Looking forward to this!

  4. Janine Griessel says:

    How do I book a show and tell spot? Do i attend the next Coffee Morning and get answers from there?

  5. Shaunez says:

    Hi there,

    I hand- paint custom calico backdrops of any theme
    and service the events industry with these backdrops & murals.
    I also depict life on the Cape Flats/District 6 through canvas
    paintings in acrylic medium.
    Is there a platform? will do freebie for a project of your choice.
    Do let me know.
    Mr.Shaunez Benting
    082 585 1248

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