Rohloff Group – In-Store Promotions

Rohloff Group – In-Store Promotions

Rohloff Group – In-Store Promotions

We have been supplying the in-store, promotional and advertising needs of the Rohloff Group since 2007. At first glance a large group of KFC franchises might seem to be an odd fit for a studio specialising in visual merchandising, but when one considers that the primary focus of the Rohloff Group marketing team is in-store promotions, it’s a perfect fit. Retail in-store is, after all, our speciality.

Each KFC store is situated in a different community, each with its own needs. Some are focused on weekday lunch breaks, others on shopping mall foot traffic, others on light snacks for commuters, while still other stores focus on full size family meals in the suburbs. By targeting these specific needs with customised promotions, we provide support to the national campaigns run by KFC, while allowing each store to provide better service to their local customer base. We design a range of in-store printed material for the Rohloff Group, including: flyers, pocket menus, in-store posters, till point wobblers, ceiling mobiles, table talkers, counter and floor standees and floor decals amongst others.

Recently the National Chief Marketing Officer of KFC recognised the Rohloff Group marketing team with an award for “Excellence in Thinking and Substance” for the quality of their marketing plans. We are proud to contribute to the output of this team. Their marketing briefs stretch and refresh parts of our creativity that other accounts don’t reach, making it a pleasure to produce work for them.

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