Mythology – Store Review

Mythology – Store Review

Mythology – Store Review

In November 2009 the well-known Kalk Bay twins, Morne and Kim, reopened the Cape to Cairo store as Mythology on the Main Road in Kalk Bay. The idea of Mythology started in the Anthology shop in 2008 at the Kildare centre, Newlands where Anthology offered interior merchandise and upstairs Mythology offered clothing imported from the UK.

Kalk Bay is a special destination for locals and tourists alike. It is a place where everybody wants to go to get a little piece of the magic that can only be found in Kalk Bay. Kim says “It is like a little Notting Hill where you can come and scratch and find treasure”.

As I am walking down the main road I can clearly see the store signage and the hot pink window frames drawing me closer to the shop. The first view of the gorgeous “Alice in Wonderland” window display makes me look around for the little white rabbit so that I too can join in at the tea-party. Elegantly positioned in the window are two beautifully characterized and styled mannequins inviting you to enter into Wonderland.

At the entrance the two little white plaster lions welcome me at the door before I swing open the custom designed hot pink gate and enter the store. The interior space evokes a world of magic, filled with beautiful hand crafted treasures.

The room before my eyes has a neutral palette against which the merchandise lights up like a rainbow of texture and colour. The rails, cabinets and shelves are all handmade or found objects. The mirrored ceiling is a work of family art creating a sense of infinity and timelessness….through the looking-glass. The gigantic chandelier that hangs suspended over the cash desk adds drama and a sense of the extraordinary. An exquisite detail is the switches and swatches of wallpaper in the fitting room — an inviting space for a shopping goddess to transform herself in.

The imported Vintage brand is always at the back, close to the change room for easy access. Vintage has the highest product turnover and you can’t find Vintage anywhere but at Mythology hanging on their unique beaded clothes hangers. Look out for the purple inlays in all the shoes (a trademark).

The store delivers on it’s promise of goddess clothing and decor by creating a space filled to the brim with beautiful merchandise in a loosely structured fashion. This lack of formality encourages browsing and discovery. There is a feeling of unhurried timelessness, that you could easily spend the day browsing without noticing it. Here is an opportunity to forget modern, high-speed, no-nonsense shopping and indulge in your inner shopping goddess.

Morne and Kim are magic makers and they have waved their wands to create a space for you to wander into and perhaps find some loot for your treasure chest while having a leisurely browse.

You can contact Mythology on 021 788 3387

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