Canterbury – display

Canterbury – display

Canterbury – display

On a recent shopping escapade around Cavendish, Cape Town I wandered past the Canterbury store and I had to stop and look. There has been a dramatic change in the quality of their window displays. I stood outside the window for a minute, just to watch how passing serious-shoppers and the mall-trawlers responded to the window. A group of young men stopped and look and commented in Xhosa and I, unfortunately, did not understand what they said. Next two well dressed elderly ladies stopped and looked at the window for at least 3 seconds and one of the ladies said “That, is stunning!”.

Yes, I got goose-bumps seeing the resulting effect of a well implemented window. I know this brand well, so I may be biased, but my interest is in visual merchandising and the previous displays in this particular window were not effective at all. You know when you look at a window and it just makes sense, well, now it does. You can clearly see what they are offering, and you get an on target brand message. The window is like the cover of a magazine, it is the first thing you see and it has to tell you about what is inside the store and whether this style of merchandise is for you.

The success of this window display begins with the relaxed and natural grouping of the mannequins, complimented by the layering of the stunning new merchandise. This time around Canterbury has managed to portray a strong, clear message of their Off-Field collegiate style brand. My favourite feature is their use of a tie as a prop. Have a look through the gallery of images to see what I mean. How clever is that! What a fantastic and simple concept and how positively effective this presentation is. Canterbury has hit the nail on the head, or … I dare say it … tied it all together.

I should also mention the hanging rugby balls that are strung together as a backdrop. Yes, I have seen this type of backdrop before, but this is well executed. Well done on an excellent new look window display!

On another note, I am impressed with the On-Field Easter-Bunny poster. I have seen many Easter posters this season, but this one is just so sweet. I like the way the window poster elements carry on into the store and how they direct you to the merchandise on offer. This is all about getting the basics right, nicely done.

The in-store merchandising has been improved by separating the store into Off-Field merchandise and On-Field merchandise and not by Male – Female. This has made a big difference to the visual impact as you enter the store. The equipment layout is also improved and there is now a much less cluttered pathway into the floor space.

I enjoyed my experience in this store.

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